Musanze cave
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Musanze cave

Musanze cave

A cave is simply an underground space that is naturally created and it may or not be large enough to accommodate the size of a human. Caves do include smaller underground spaces like the sea caves or rock shelters and even the grottos. The Musanze caves which you will have an opportunity to see on your safari in Rwanda are the results of volcanic activities that took place around virunga volcanoes which is so close by these caves. They are found in Musanze district particularly in Ruhengeri and they are a new addition to Rwanda’s tourism sites so hopefully they will turn out to be a great attraction in the near future. Underneath there, the y cover a distance of 1.25 miles and it is believed to have been formed by lava basaltic layers that came from both Bisoke as well as the Sabyinyo volcanoes.

Musanze is now commonly a visited cave since it is almost ready for all visitors. They have set up walkways and stairs where they are needed, set up trails, as well as safety measures to avoid accidents while down there. The cave’s entrance is big enough covering more than 10 km and well proportionate with a number of other small passageways that lead off the main cave.
When you walk in, you will notice that this place is a home to a huge population of bats and you will see them hanging usually upside down in every one of those so many small rooms within the cave. On the walls, there are also different plants species that have grown on to them and that greenery spill makes it beautiful for photography.

Though this place is a tourist’s attraction now, it used to be shelter for the locals during the wartimes even during the modern era when the Rwanda genocide took place. Out of respect to the local residents the visits in the caves are guided taking 2 to 3 hours explaining more about the history of the caves.
Scientists have expressed the desire to carry out their speleology which simply means the study and the exploration of all the different aspect of caves as well as the surrounding environment. Also caving or potholing may mean the act of exploring a cave for the purposes of recreation or science.

For every traveler intending to go for the gorilla tracking adventure in volcanoes national park should consider visiting the Musanze cave since it is just 2 km away from the park and it is a perfect addition activity for that day after meeting the mountain gorillas just before you call it a day. The cave is just on the foothills of Volcanoes national park therefore you can drive there right after the gorilla safari before you head back to the hotel.
A visit to the caves is just the perfect addition to the extra ordinary experience of Gorilla Tracking in Rwanda.

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