Bwenge Family
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Bwenge Family

Bwenge Family

Bwenge family.

This group was created as early as 2007 by Bwenge, and named after him the group’s leading silverback, after leaving his Natal group and another female from another group joined it. The group inhabits slopes of Karisoke Volcano between Karisimbi and Bisoke mountains and had gone through hard times when it lost 6 young ones.

 Later alone the group from that loss and it has 11 members together with 1 silver back. Bwenge is a Kinyarwanda word which means ‘Wisdom’ surprisingly it is this group that featured in the Movie ‘Gorillas in the Mist’.

In according to the above description about the habituated gorillas in the volcanoes, you should have a good image on the features and nature of each gorilla family. This gives a big chance on which gorilla family is suitable for you to track on your safari in the volcanoes national park in Rwanda.

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