1 Day Mabamba Swamp & Mpanga Forest Birding Safari

Price $2000
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1 Day Mabamba Swamp & Mpanga Forest Birding Safari

$2000 per person

Our 1 day Mabamba Swamp and Mpanga forest biring tour will cover two bind rich and known Uganda birding areas that are easily and well of accessed from Kampala capital city of Uganda. Mabamba Swamp is located in the northern shore of Lake Victoria, in the western part of Entebbe. It being an Important Bird Area for birding, it harbors over 300 species of birds in record. The mabamba swamp wetland has is a home to Uganda’s shoebill stock, one of Uganda’s most treasured bird. for a unique and amazing birding safari experience we have included Mpanga Forest with over 299 bird species plus Mpanga is a just hours from Kampala business centre


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Day 1
You will have very early breakfast or get packed breakfast to allow us to reach our destination and catch up with time for the activities. Your drive / guide will drive to Entebbe through Kasubi and Nakawuku to Mabamba, you will board a boat to the mabamba swamp wetland the journey togather with birding activities will take an estimate of two to three hours for birds. After our lunch, en route we visit Mpanga forest for more forest birds and drive back to Kampala in the evening. End of trip.
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