Rwanda Attractions
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Rwanda Attractions

Visit Rwanda – The Land of a Thousand Hills!

Aga Safaris Africa welcomes you to Rwanda – one of the fastest-growing African Countries…. The 1994 genocide and war greatly hurt the tourism sector of the economy, however, due to diligent work by the government this has fast become a leading country in East Africa.

When you visit Rwanda you will realize that the physical beauty of the country is unique and it’s no wonder that Rwanda is popularly known as ‘the land of a thousand hills.

Rwanda is a tiny, landlocked republic in Equatorial Africa that lies on the eastern rim of the Albertine Rift. Rwanda is a mountainous country with a moist, temperate year-round climate. Rwanda is filled with lush vegetation and thick rain forests yet so many hills and valleys. The country is re-known for its famous mountain gorillas which inhabit Parc National de Volcanoes.

Apart from gorilla tracking tours, other interests are cultural and heritage tourism, wildlife safaris to the national parks of Nyungwe national park, Akagera game park with its exquisite game lodge – Akagera game lodge. Lakes like Kivu and also Burera and Ruhondo close to the Parc de volcanoes are also very interesting to visit especially after your gorilla experience.

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